Dan Snow delivers a riveting lecture for Nelson Trust supporters

Nov 23 2016

Dan Snow1

On 18th November 2016 The Nelson Trust’s Fundraising Committee hosted their Annual Lecture and were delighted and honoured to be joined by Broadcaster and Historian, Dan Snow. The lecture took place a hundred years to the date of the end of the Battle of the Somme.


Dan entertained the audience of 184 Nelson Trust supporters, with riveting stories of the two battles that he said “led to the defeat of the enemy during the First World War”. He explained the importance of these momentous battles and the human impact on those involved as well as those at home.


With nearly one million men wounded or killed, The Battle of the Somme was the bloodiest battle in human history and symbolises the tragic futility of the First World War. The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle of the Great War and the last major battle fought primarily by battleships in world history.


Dan Snow took questions after the lecture and shared with the audience the reason why he supported The Nelson Trust, “The work that The Nelson Trust are doing is fantastic and something that should be taking place all over the country.”


Members of the audience were captivated and moved by the stories; Jane Lewis a long standing supporter and member of our Fundraising Committee commented, ‘It was brilliant; invigorating, stimulating and hugely informative.”


John Trolan, Chief Executive of The Nelson Trust, thanked Dan for giving The Nelson Trust his time (for free) and presented him with a piece of art that a client created during her journey to recovery in our residential rehabilitation centre in Stroud. 


John also welcomed the guests with a moving reminder of the work undertaken by The Nelson Trust that brings hope and long term recovery to lives affected by addiction. He praised the staff and the clients for their dedication and recognised the recent successes of the team, who won the individual and corporate awards at the Gloucestershire Business Charity Awards ceremony on 17th November 2016.


The night was possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of the London Speaker Bureau & Cotswold BMW.  The support and professionalism of Cheltenham Town Hall and Fosters Caterers helped to make the evening a success; raising over £8,000 in donations for The Nelson Trust.


John said “As experts in the rehabilitation of individuals with drug and alcohol problems our work has led us to gender specific, responsive and trauma informed practice in both residential and community settings. From our Women's centres we work with women with multiple and complex needs, often caught up in the criminal justice system or on the periphery of it.”


John then reminded the audience of the amazing and talented team behind the success of The Nelson Trust, “These are the most talented, creative, committed and passionate group of people I’ve ever had the honour to work with. So thank you for coming and supporting them tonight to help bend that arc towards a social justice.”