Community sentences and Rehabilitation Activity Requirement

The Women’s Centres offer individual programmes to women sentenced to Rehabilitation Activity Requirements (RAR) by the courts. Programmes include therapeutic groups, courses and one-to-one support to address a range of needs related to offending behaviour.
The RAR can be attached to a Community Order or Suspended Sentence Order. This gives the court a valuable and constructive alternative to a custodial sentence and sometimes a RAR is a last opportunity for a woman to get her life back on track and avoid prison. 
Once sentenced to a RAR a woman will be allocated an Offender Manager who will make arrangements for her to attend the centre.
The RAR begins with a three-way meeting between the woman, their Offender Manager and a Women’s Centre Keyworker.  Each woman will participate in an assessment across the 9 pathways of need which may be related to offending behaviour.  A support plan is developed which will include specified RAR days including therapeutic groups, workshops, courses and one to one support.  Regular three way meetings will take place to review progress and plan any further support that may be needed. 
Usually women sentenced to a RAR will initially complete a course on ‘Crime and Its Impact’ and there are a number of other courses available which can help women to improve their well-being and reduce their risk of offending.
• Drug and Alcohol Awareness
• Self Esteem
• Emotional Well-being
• Relapse Prevention
• Beyond Anger Programme
• Anxiety and Mindfulness
• Domestic Abuse Programmes