Dedication of Covington House

Sep 24 2015

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Edwina Grosvenor and group

Clients and staff joined Stephanie Covington and Lady Edwina Grosvenor to re-name one of our two specialist women’s treatment centres on 21st September. This was a deeply emotional occasion celebrating the power of women supporting women.

We’ve always felt a little uncomfortable about having a specialist women's treatment centre named after a man. So, out with Gordon and in with Covington. 'Why Covington?' you may well ask. Well, we have huge admiration for Dr. Stephanie Covington. Her work as a clinician and academic over the past 25 years has inspired and enabled us to help many women with a trauma-informed programme that gets results. Working with One Small Thing, she's come over The Pond. Alongside Lady Edwina Grosvenor, she’s facilitating training to the UK’s women’s prison estate to enable the staff to be more trauma-informed in their work.

We want to acknowledge Stephanie’s contribution. So, in with Covington House - one of two specialist women's treatment centres here at The Nelson Trust. Thanks to professionals like Stephanie Covington, we now have a depth of knowledge. But knowledge alone is not enough. For us, LOVE and RESPECT go to the very heart of all that we do here. We really do love and care for these women. On top of this, most of our staff at these women’s treatment centres UNDERSTAND and many of them have walked a similar path. We are there at their sides, taking that journey into recovery one step at a time. Our specialist women’s treatment centres have become a powerful synthesis of knowledge, expertise and love.

At the ceremony, Beth Hughes, our Women’s House Manager, summarised our vision: ‘Stephanie Covington’s work has provided a framework for supporting women in healing from past trauma. Being trauma-informed is so much more than what we do – it is who we are. Every single contact with a client is an intervention that we make as meaningful as possible. The power of women healing women is phenomenal.’

We will continue to work with Stephanie to design effective women's services for women in criminal justice settings. We will do this as part of our recovery programme, but also as part of our collaboration with Eastwood Park Prison as we reach out to women and their families in Gloucester.

With the help of Stroud artist Katie McCue, our women have created a spectacular mural to commemorate the occasion. Stephanie Covington unveiled the mural as well as the wonderful new name plate for the building.