Fundraising Pack

byJodie // Jan 3 2019

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Fundraising Pack


Ever fancied running a 10k but always need that extra push? Want to bring your office together outside of work? Fancy yourself as a bit of a Mary Berry? One way you can really help us is by organising fundraising activities in aid of The Nelson Trust.  Not only is this a great way to raise funds to enable us to continue supporting those in rehabilitation from addiction or within our Women's Services where we continue to assist vulnerable women in our community, it also gives you the chance to challenge yourself and achieve that 'feel good' feeling. 

two heros with T shirts

Tom Blaylocks 24 hour endurance row in aid of The Nelson Trust

What better way to start training for a sponsored swim than in the same month as Dry January where you can reach your goals quicker and feel healthier physically and mentally.


A bake sale in aid of The Nelson Trust



Nelson Trust Fundraising pack

Everyone needs inspiration when trying to achieve a fundraising goal. To get inspired by a brilliant Nelson Trust past fundraiser, pick up some fundraising ideas and have all the tools necessary to get you started on your fundraising venture, please contact Jodie at or call 01453 732078 to order a free fundraising pack.

Every year we rely on incredible people to do incredible things in aid of The Nelson Trust. This support enables us to give a stable future to families struggling with addiction.