Garden Day 2016

Jun 15 2016

The Nelson Trust Garden Day 15

This Anglo-Palladian façade really does take your breath away. First impressions count, but there was (literally) nothing to disappoint, apart from our good old English weather of course. Built in 1752, this is the magnificent home of Roger Seelig and Claire Ward Thomas. They certainly did our supporters proud at our private viewing of house and garden on 14th June 2016. Roger was the perfect guide, introducing everyone to his wonderful collection of eighteenth century bronzes, paintings, prints and furniture. So, you would think it would be downhill all the way after that, but no, we were then treated to parkland and gardens enough to give some kings and queens serious house envy. The Victorian walled vegetable garden was one of the tidiest many had seen for years. So much love and care has gone into this very special place.

Thanks to our dedicated team of supporters, a delicious picnic lunch was served.

Lindsay Cutlhill of Savills spoke of the impact of our recent feature on Woman’s Hour and praised The Nelson Trust team for their support to vulnerable women in Gloucester.

There’s always a garden at the heart of our work, especially when we inspire our clients in treatment to work the land. So, it’s only right that we have talks by gardening experts like Margie Hoffnung of the Garden History Society. Margie called on everyone to keep the English tradition of garden visiting alive: ‘British gardens are the envy of the world. We’re a nation of garden lovers. Our history is expressed in our gardens.’ We were then taken on an entertaining whistle-stop tour of English gardens, from the sublime (temples, bridges, idyllic pastures, herbaceous borders, animals grazing and garden shows) to the ridiculous (naval battles on lakes, follies, grottoes, topiary, hermits and veteran trees).

Colin Richardson, author of ‘The Joe Public Guide to Addiction’ shared his family’s heartache over his son who has been struggling with addiction for seventeen years: ‘How do I get him to cross that bridge away from addiction? It’s such a challenge. This is where The Nelson Trust comes in. He is now in treatment and he is much better. Addicts need to WANT rehab for treatment to work. He is on the road to recovery. We so need organisations like The Nelson Trust to get people back to health and happiness. My hope is that he will find a satisfying job, a hobby that he loves, a stable relationship and will be able to live within his means – this is my hope, not only for my son, but also for all who go on this journey.’

A huge thank you to our band of dedicated volunteers, and to Roger Seelig and Claire Ward Thomas, Margie Hoffnung, Colin Richardson and all our supporters who made the day such a success. Last, but by no means least, thanks to our sponsors, Savills and Cotswold BMW. Together, at The Nelson Trust Garden Day 2016, you all raised over £9,000 so that The Nelson Trust can continue to bring belief, hope and long term recovery to individuals and families struggling with addiction.

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