Nelson Trust clients come to the aid of their neighbour

May 8 2015

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1. Landscape rehab clients with first aid book come to the aid of their neighbour

The Nelson Trust in Stroud provides treatment, education, training and resettlement for people with drug and alcohol addictions. As part of their rehabilitation programme, clients are equipped with many new skills. This builds their confidence and sets them up for life after rehab. As part of this, they are very fortunate to get First Aid training with the British Red Cross.

This was recently put into action when a group of clients heard a faint cry for help coming from behind some nearby houses. They all scrambled down an alleyway to a nearby road and found an elderly gentleman in an extremely dangerous situation: one leg inside his car and the other leg trapped under the front wheel. They realised that the car had rolled back onto his leg. Fortunately, the clients had just completed their Everyday Certificate of First Aid Training the week before. They leapt into action and started to apply their First Aid training. They assessed the situation and decided to employ muscle power. They managed to lift the car and kept the leg in the same position until the ambulance arrived.

I feel extremely honoured to be able to give something back to the community. I understand that people may misunderstand the work that goes on at The Nelson Trust. I felt privileged to help and represent The Nelson Trust in this positive way.’ Chris Stirling

'I see this as my public duty. I'm an ex-soldier, so I would never leave a man down'. Glenn Comerford

My immediate response was to assess the situation and make sure that the guy was calm and comfortable whilst everyone administered first aid.’ Jay Hopper

I’m really proud that we pulled together as a team.’ Claire Higgins

With the quick response and all the TLC, nothing was broken and the casualty walked away with only minor bruising. Nelson Trust clients were chuffed to bits when the gentleman’s family dropped by to say thank you with a big box of chocolates.

‘We are extremely proud of our clients. They have used their First Aid training to save someone’s life. He could have been there all day calling for help. This is one of the many skills that our clients learn whilst in recovery here. It’s a double-whammy. We’re not only helping our clients to grow into responsible citizens, but we’re also bringing wider benefits to our neighbours.’ Jeannette Ward, Senior House Lead for First Stage residents in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The Red Cross everyday first aid training course held at The Nelson Trust was funded by Stroud District Council's Health Inequalities Fund. If you would like to find out more about the work of the Red Cross with at risk groups visit