The Nelson Trust re-brand

Jun 9 2016


Last year, we decided to conduct a review of our communications. We were lucky enough to meet James Quayle, brand expert, who has given his time, skills and considerable knowledge at a massively reduced fee to save on agency fees.

We want to speak clearly about who we are, what we do and why. James has enabled us to get clarity and consistency of message. Thanks to input from staff, clients, supporters and external audiences, we now have a brand platform which defines our vision, mission, beliefs and behaviour. Please start using this as you talk about what we do.

We are very grateful to our designers at Plait Creative who have created a highly distinctive visual identity (logo, illustrations, infographics, colours, typefaces, graphic elements, naming and photographic style) to make us accessible to a wider audience.

In order to manage resources wisely, we will be rolling out the re-brand gradually.

In the light of the re-branding this gives us an opportunity to re-brand the Women's Centres to emphasise that they are Nelson Trust services. Initially we wanted the Women's Centres to become established in the community as holistic women's services and we felt it was necessary to name our first Women's Centre 'ISIS' to emphasise and promote this in recognition of the Egyptian Goddess of Women. However, the Women's Centres are now recognised nationally, and cited as award-winning centres of best practice so in the light of recent concerns regarding the name and its conotations with terrorism, we feel that we should take this opportunity to promote our organisation as a whole and rename the centres. From now on, we would like everyone to drop the use of ISIS and refer to:

The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre, Swindon & Wiltshire
The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre, Gloucestershire

If you need guidance on how to present this change, please do talk to Tessa Webb on 01453 884090 or Niki Gould on 01452 397690. Mobile and land answer phone messages, introductions when you pick up reception and emails will need to change accordingly. 

This is the only change for the moment. Staff and trustees have all been invited to brand workshops for switchover guidance and timings over the next couple of months. We look forward to explaining more to you then.