Somerset Women's Centre

byJodie // Jan 3 2019

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In 2018 The Nelson Trust secured a building in Bridgwater meaning we can now extend our women's services in Somerset and open a brand new Women's Centre. We have signed the contracts and are waiting to get the keys. None of this would have been possible without our supporters, major grant making trusts and of course Nelson Trust employees and volunteers.


This project will be offering support for women who have been in contact with the criminal justice system giving community sentences as an alternative for low-risk women who would otherwise serve time in Eastwood Park Prison.

85% of women sent to prison serve short sentences of less than six months. During this time their children are taken into social care, they lose their accommodation and their job. They may be overcome by symptoms of withdrawal if they were abusing substances, or poor mental health and isolation. Some women attempt suicide in prison because they lose friends and family.  

Somerset Women's Centre will offer spaces to have probation meetings, a free crèche for children, and facilities for washing, cooking, and a room to claim donated items such as SIM cards for mobile phones and winter coats.


 The Centre will be home to the change Team - a group of Keyworkers, In-Reach workers, and Family Intervention Specialists in a welcoming environment.

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