The Sober Parrot Festival

byJodie Bennett // Feb 4 2019

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Last weekend The Sober Parrot opened their doors to their very first Sober Parrot festival. They put on four exciting days filled with yoga, money coaching, nutrition workshops and music therapy classes. 

General Manager of the Sober Parrot Jo Williamson commented, saying, ''I want to extend a massive thankyou to everyone who participated and helped over the weekend. Even though it wasn't as packed as it could have been, it is a massive achievement for us at the Sober Parrot. We have had so much engagement from customers, speakers, and just people passing by who didn't attend the festival but saw us on Facebook or Instagram or heard us on the radio and came in for the first time. One of our volunteers heard Thursday nights broadcast on the radio and was moved by what he heard and has told me how volunteering for us has been paramount to his journy to recovery. We saw so many new faces and have had a number of people who have been interested in using the site for other things in the future, it has been a great building block for us and such a great start to 2019! We had our busiest weekend ever, with our busiest day on Saturday with a total of 47 food checks and our highest ever takings for the day. People who came and visited us have been generous with their donations and have all been really interested in The Nelson Trust and why the Sober Parrot exists. I have been told that we have had engagement on social media which has extented to Europe and even New York! It goes to show that what we are talking about and what we are trying to deliver is heard and understood internationally.''


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Each day featured different interactive workshops and activities with a side order of mouth-watering food and drinks.

On Thursday evening BBC Radio Gloucestershire kicked of the festival, hosting a show live from the Sober Parrot, listening to moving and inspiring stories from the recovery community. 


For the rest of the weekend the festival focused on different aspects pf wellbeing including exploring subjects such as the science of happiness and body image, as well as interactive yoga and dance sessions including a sober dance party on Friday evening and a family-sized digital detox on Sunday. 


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A huge congratulations to the Sober Parrot for such a successful weekend a massive thank you to everyone who made it possible! See you all again next year!!