Raising a net profit of £4500 for Nelson Trust services

Sep 28 2012


Raising a net profit of £4500 for Nelson Trust services.

Rory Steward, MP held a lecture at Oaksey House, Oaksey in Malmsbury SNI6 9TF on Monday 17th September 2012.

Roderick 'Rory' James Nugent Stewart OBE FRSL MP is a British academic, writer, broadcaster and politician.  He has had a remarkable career in a relatively short period. Before his fortieth birthday Rory has served in the Army and the diplomatic service, trekked across Afghanistan, been appointed a fellow at Harvard, written a number of books and is now an MP.

After university (during which time was a summer tutor to Princes William and Harry) Rory served a brief stint as an officer in the Army before joining the Diplomatic Service in Indonesia and then as the British Representative in Montenegro in the wake of the Kosovo campaign. He then spent two years walking 6,000 miles across rural Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Nepal learning the languages and customs of the regions. His walk across Afghanistan shortly after the US invasion is described in his award winning book, The Places in Between.

Rory was then appointed Deputy Governor of two provinces (Maysan and Dhi Qar) in Southern Iraq. His responsibilities included organising elections, resolving tribal disputes and implementing development projects. He also met growing civil discontentment with the allied occupation and faced a siege of his compound by Sadrist militia. His experiences in Iraq were documented in another best selling book, The Prince of the Marshes.

In Kabul, Rory founded and led Turquoise Mountain, a charity investing in the rehabilitation of the city in order to preserve the cultural heritage, improve living conditions and create economic opportunities. There followed a period as a Professor of Human Rights at Harvard and a return to the UK where he was elected as an MP. Rory has continued to comment on foreign affairs and in particular the ethics and effectiveness of intervention. He also comments on the future of the UK politically and economically, stating that the country needs to shift its view of itself from its imperial past to becoming a 21st century 'city-state' focused on agile international trading and services.

For more information about Rory visit: http://rorystewart.co.uk/