Sheep Stakes 2015

Sep 15 2015

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This is a new and exciting event for 2015. The sheep races are being held at Woodchester Mansion Gates, Nympsfield, on Saturday 3rd October from 1:30pm.

This is very entertaining, children love it – so do older people. Real sheep chase someone with a bag of sheep nuts down a fenced track with small brush through fences, first past the post is the winner and they are all given sheep nuts in the holding pen as a reward. You may have seen this on ‘Countryfile’.

Sheep are very agile, tough and determined, as anyone who has kept sheep will know, they are good escape artists so a short track of 50m is nothing to them. They are quite capable of jumping a dry stone wall if they want to.

There are 6 sheep in each race, they each wear a different coloured belt. These are done up with Velcro and made of canvas and felt, they do not hurt the sheep and putting them on is no more stressful to the sheep than routine worming or clipping. At the moment the young sheep are becoming familiarised with people as they graze in a remote field, the older sheep graze fields with foot paths through them so are quite used to people.

There will be 7 races with different types and ages of sheep, Jacobs with their curly horns and brown and white fleece, and cross breeds with white fleece and no horns. There will be bouncy 1 year olds, bigger 2 year olds and the older, canny ones.

As we are raising funds for local good causes, we are running a tote on the races, minimum bet will be £1, maximum £10, so you will not loose your shirt, and it pays out only on the winner. There will be teas, BBQ and a bar – all we need is nice weather and it will be a tremendous family afternoon out.

To register a sheep please complete the registration form here: Registration form l Sheep Stakes 2015