Our Philosophy

We Believe in the possibility of change

The Nelson Trust believes that with the right care, support and encouragement, every person has the ability to change and to improve the quality of their lives.   Everyone comes to us with the capacity to overcome addiction, to put their past behind them and to enjoy lifelong recovery.

Our aim is to help people gain the understanding, the skills and tools they need to live independently, to manage the stresses and strains of everyday life, to build positive healthy relationships and progress to study, work and achieve their life’s goals without any further need for mood-altering substances.   We also believe that everyone is different.  There isn’t a standard solution to any addiction problem. 


We provide a wide range of different therapies, workshops and courses, so that every client who comes to us develops a personal programme that is tailored to their particular needs.  Whether clients come to our residential treatment centre or access our local services at our two Women's Centres, they will always have a named recovery worker or key worker who takes them through their support plan, meeting each client regularly and involving them in every decision that affects them.

We also believe that no-one overcomes their problems alone; peers, house-mates, buddies, mentors and volunteers with experience of recovery all work together to provide mutual support – it is important for people to know that they are not alone in their journey to overcome addiction.

All of our services aim to be holistic; we try to meet each individual’s needs across every area of their life – health and wellbeing, emotional and psychological needs and a broad range of social needs including education and training, housing, relationships and finances.  We have worked with thousands of people since we began our work in 1985, and have seen the inspiring transformations that so many of our past clients have achieved.

Just Ask

To reach out and ask for help with personal problems – whether for yourself or for someone you care about – can be the hardest step to take.  If you are not sure whether the Nelson Trust is the right place for you or for a loved one, please feel free to contact us for confidential advice and for more information about what we can offer.

For each service on our website you will find the contact details of the right people in a box in the top right hand corner. Or call our main office on 01453 885633 and they will help you find who you need to talk to.