What do we provide?

Who is the programme for?

Individuals seeking an abstinence-based residential treatment programme to achieve lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Who can access this service?

Adults (17+) who have a drug or alcohol addiction and who:

1) have been assessed and referred by their local specialist Substance Misuse service, for example their Drug & Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)


2) can fund their own treatment programme

Description of Service

A residential addiction treatment programme combining a holistic, person-centred approach and cognitive therapy within a therapeutic community setting where we can address the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people seeking to recover from addiction.  The treatment service includes an integrated Education Training and Employment (ETE) programme and continuity of care through our resettlement housing service. 

We can work with people who have a dual mental health diagnosis, people in the criminal justice system, and we have a dedicated Women’s Service for those women who would benefit from treatment in a female-only environment 

What’s this like in the real world?

This photo-film of Simon’s story will give you an impression of the treatment journey experienced by one of our recent clients.

Where will I stay?

We have four residential houses in the village of Brimscombe, close to our treatment and training centres.  This link will show you a gallery of images which take you inside our treatment houses.

What are my first days like?

Here you can listen to a group of clients describing their first impressions of arriving in treatment   and the page “The Clients’ Experience” will tell you much more about what to expect. 

How long does the programme last?

The initial care plan is designed for a period of twelve weeks. However, individual circumstances and needs vary a lot, and some clients will want to extend their stay beyond twelve weeks, whilst others may be ready to complete earlier. Progress is reviewed regularly and clients are involved in planning their move-on in a way that meets their personal needs.

What else is on offer?

The therapeutic parts of the programme can be emotionally demanding and tiring.  To maintain a healthy balance we also provide a wide range of recreational activities which include Outward Bound days, creative and artistic workshops, a seasonal Pantomime and occasional Talent Shows, and a whole programme of education and training opportunities and taster sessions.  Sports, weekly country walks, yoga, aromatherapy and gardening also provide an opportunity for you to relax and reflect.