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So much of what the Nelson Trust achieves today has come about because of two things: somebody cared enough to act; somebody cared enough to give.

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What that care means in practical terms is a lifeline for someone like Vicky...

We are immensely grateful to all the individuals, trusts and foundations, grant giving bodies and companies who over the years have shared and continue to share our determination to combat addiction and other complex problems. The money raised has enabled us to pilot innovative ways of supporting vulnerable people and reaching out to provide specialist care and support for those who can be the hardest to reach and the hardest to engage.

Enhancing our existing services:

We are constantly seeking new ways in which to provide clients with experiences and opportunities which will sustain their recovery and enhance their life chances. Your support enables us to be inventive and innovative in our work. Our Education Training and Employment (ETE) programme grew from the idea that clients in treatment could also engage in activities which lead to new skills, improved confidence and self-esteem, qualifications and a spring-board to further education, employment and independence. Many of our clients tell us that the ETE programme helps to motivate them, to stay the course even when treatment feels like a very tough place to be.

Grant-giving charities also enable us to provide material help when clients move on, through individual grants to furnish their home or to pay for courses of further education. This, too, can make a huge difference to a client’s recovery.

Pioneering new and innovative programmes:

Donations and grants enable us to develop new services both for individuals with whom we already work and for those in profound need in the wider community. Our specialist Women’s Treatment Service grew out of our desire to enable more women, especially mothers and women who had experienced trauma, to undertake treatment successfully.

In addition to the challenge of maintaining and improving existing services, our goals for the next couple of years include reaching out to work with the following vulnerable groups:

Mothers struggling to bond with their children:

We are introducing a powerful programme of early years' attachment work, Circle of Security, to help vulnerable mothers bond with their children and become confident, effective parents in the vital early years.

Women in recovery from addiction:

In 2014 we extended and refurbished Gordon House, to help even more women and provide an enhanced treatment experience for all clients. When trauma and abuse are the underlying causes of addiction, women need a safe, secure environment in which to recover. The self-contained flat within the building has also been extended allowing children to visit.

Women and families facing severe and multiple deprivation:

We want to extend the reach and impact of our ISIS Women’s Centre to engage women of all ages who have been identified as being ‘at risk’ of entering the criminal justice system: many women are completely overwhelmed by domestic violence, homelessness, addiction and mental health issues, and ISIS is unique in addressing all these complex problems under one roof.