Corporate support


From our earliest days in 1985, the Nelson Trust has had the privilege of being able to work in partnership with many local companies, particularly our suppliers and companies in the financial services sector.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every company is unique and seeks something individual and tailored from its partnership with its chosen good cause to match the time and resources you have available. At the heart of any true partnership is a meeting of minds and one another’s needs.

Corporate partnerships are ideal opportunities for:

• Motivating staff and encouraging team building

• Fulfilling corporate social responsibility objectives

• Reaching new audiences and driving sales

• Securing positive PR

• Building brand profile

• Standing out in a competitive market

Here are just some of the ways we can work together

Charity of the Year Adoptions:

Being the chosen charity is always a great privilege for us and we aim to support our partners with their fundraising efforts by providing materials, volunteers, speakers, press coverage, in fact whatever is needed to make activities a success.

Gifts in Kind - goods and services:

Many of our partners find the ideal way to support us is through donating goods or services, this might be end of line items, office furniture, white goods, IT equipment. You name it, over the years, we’ve been offered it and given the nature and variety of our work 9 times out of 10 we’re delighted to say “Yes, please” and even when we can’t, we often know someone who can. 


Challenge activities are ideal opportunities for corporate team building. We’ve been delighted to play host to a whole range of groups to help decorate residents rooms or facilities, get involved with our workshops such as art, pottery, woodwork or cycle maintenance or roll up their sleeves and get digging with our horticulture projects. Examples include Ecclesiastical and One Church who have helped out at lunch clubs.


The gift of time and expertise is one we always welcome, whether it is support for our clients or staff. Mentoring can be a very direct and meaningful way to engage. The sensitive nature of our work means that we need to plan activities carefully, with CRB checks conducted for example, but we’re only too delighted to talk in more detail about how we might work together.


Getting actively involved in one of the Trust’s own fundraising events may be ideal for you and your company. Our dedicated voluntary Fundraising Committee has a portfolio of annual events that have become popular fixtures in many people’s diaries. Please see our planned Events for this year’s programme.

Our events provide a range of opportunities for participation, sponsorship and support and each event reaches a different kind of audience. There is sure to be an opportunity which matches your company’s activities and interests. 

Zurich and Ecclesiastical 

These organisations have carried out numerous tasks around Christmas time which has involved writing Christmas cards to all the woman at ISIS and paying for postage; providing a Christmas tree along with decorations; and providing pamper goodies so the woman participating in the residential Women's service could hold a pamper evening. If you are interested in discussing ways of working together with us, please contact our Fundraising Department on 01453 732072 or email


Both Asda and Waitrose have supported The Nelson Trust recently. Asda held a trolley fill at the entrance of one of their stores for the woman at ISIS and we were one of Waitrose's chosen charities for their Community Matters scheme.